Gozlan Luria

Firm Profile

Gozlan Luria & Co. CPA renders a variety of services to its clients, providing solutions to their needs in the following areas:

  • Book accounts auditing.
  • Preparation of financial statements.
  • Tax consultation.
  • Business and financial consultation.

The firm intends its layout and work methods to the small and medium business sector.

We believe that small and medium business enterprises require services in these areas, beyond the obligation by law and the basic reporting requirements. We perceive the firm as a service center, that provides solutions to these needs of our clients.

Operative Principles

The layout of the firm is intended to furnish our clients with the aforementioned services, continuously and persistently, as the handling of each file assures a comprehensive set of references along the year, while providing ongoing solutions to the needs of our clients.

The firm, for this purpose, is organized according to a departmental structure. Each department is headed by a partner, acting together with the department manager and the departmental workers, pursuant to the provision of the services. Each of the accountants and tax consultants in our firm is liable for a fixed list of clients, acting together with the partner, in charge of him, in order to provide all that is required in any certain portfolio.

The aforementioned system is intended to create an in-depth acquaintance with the client, assuring an intensive sequence and an intimate treatment environment, responsive to the needs of each of our clients.

Office Services

  • Auditing of Companies and Financial Statements
    Services of auditing and preparation of financial statements for enterprises: incorporated as companies, registered partnerships, societies and nonprofit organizations.
  • Business and Financial Consultation
    Business and financial consultation, including: analysis of profitability, examination of feasibility in transactions, accompanying the financial management opposite banks and credit providers, preparation of accounting and business opinions, valuations and the like.
  • Tax Consultation
    Current ongoing tax consultation services, including tax planning and representation before the tax authorities.

Services to Self Employed
Ongoing tax consultation services, tax planning and representation before the tax authorities.

Departments of the Firm

Financial Audit

The firm includes auditing departments, consisting of about 30 accountants, who provide services to enterprises, incorporated as companies, registered partnerships, societies and nonprofit organizations.


These services include the following:

  1. Audit of the account books of the corporation, and consolidating financial opinions, in accordance with binding auditing standards.
  2. Preparation of financial statements, according to the binding accounting principles and standards.
  3. Adjustment of financial statements, according to the requirements of reporting to the tax authorities.
  4. Current tax consultation and representation of the company and its holders in control before the tax authorities.
  5. Handling personal statements, capital statements and other needs of holders in control opposite the tax authorities.
  6. Reviewing periodic statements, toward the execution of business and taxation evaluations.
  7. Providing solutions to current needs in the areas of our expertise, as required from time to time.


Each of the firm's departments is headed by a partner and a department manager, operating together with the workers of the department, pursuant to the provision of the services to the group of clients under their care. This work method assures an in-depth acquaintance with each and every client, and handling clients' needs in the best possible manner, while securing

ongoing intensive follow-up of the business affairs of the client.

The Business Consultation Department

The activity of the department is intended to provide clients of the firm and others, with a package of services, required for an efficient, well planned business and financial management.


The fields of operation of the department are as follows:

  1. Financial Consultation

Intended to enterprises, which require financial support and planning, that do not employ a controller/CFO.

The department provides the following services:

Budgetary planning and follow-up of the actual execution thereof.

Pricing of products, processes, feasibility examinations and analysis of profit centers.

Cash flow management, obligo planning and actions opposite banks.

Current business and economic consultation.

  1. Valuations.
  2. Business plans.
  3. Recuperation plans.
  4. Raising loans and grants from private and institutional entities.
  5. Raising investors and handling business negotiations.
  6. Mergers and acquisitions.

Services to Self Employed

The self employed department provides services to non-incorporated enterprises, directed by individuals or by partnerships of individuals.

These services include the following:

  1. Preparation of annual statements and capital statements to the tax authorities.
  2. Current tax consultation and representation of the client before the tax authorities.


  1. Preparation of periodic statements, pursuant to the execution of business and taxation evaluations.
  2. Bookkeeping services, including reporting and monthly payments to the tax authorities.
  3. Production of salary slips and handling tax withholding file, including monthly reporting and payment to the tax authority.

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